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Twin Bedding For Boys

It often seems as though boys get the proverbial short end of the stick when it comes to decorative ideas for the bedroom. While girls have an almost endless variety of fairy, princess, and floral patterns and designs from which to choose, the themes for boys’ rooms often seem to center only upon one of two things: sports and cars. Twin bedding for boys also tends to focus on these themes, making it difficult to decorate your boy’s room in a style that is uniquely his own.

There are alternatives to these traditional and somewhat boring themes, however, and many of the alternatives can inspire creativity in your child that will last a lifetime. If you look hard enough, you can find twin bedding for boys that cover many non-traditional themes and thus give your boy’s bedroom a look and feel that is almost sure to be unique. These sets are also a great way for parents to pass onto their children many of their favorite things from childhood, whether they are knights and dragons or horses and cowboys. You can even find educational sets that can inspire your boy to strive for more education.

Knights and dragons

There are a variety of twin bedding for boys premised upon the knights and dragons theme. Now, when you first hear the words “knights and dragons”, you may think of fire-breathing monsters that are sure to scare your little boy half out of his wits. The fact is that most of these themed bedding sets are illustrated with cute dragons that seem fairly tame and harmless. Your boy is sure to love the details of these prints, and be inspired to learn more about the brave knights in their shining suits of armor.


The old cowboy theme has been a part of Americana for most of the country’s existence, and its presence in the world of twin bedding for boys is hardly a surprise. Cowboys have, in popular American culture, often represented all of the manly virtues which young boys admire: honesty, integrity, and reliability – as well as a tough, no-nonsense approach to the world. Is there any wonder that cowboys like Tex Ritter and Roy Rogers were heroes to so many boys across the nation years ago?


Horse-print themes are another great choice for twin bedding for boys. Comforters and sheets with horse illustrations can inspire a love of nature and the great outdoors in young boys while also helping to develop a greater appreciation of these majestic and powerful animals. In fact, your choice of animal-related bedding need not be limited to just horses. Other powerful animals like lions and tigers can also make perfect choices for boys of all ages.

Avoid the trends

As hard as it may be to avoid the latest trends in twin bedding for boys, sticking to traditional, timeless themes can help t save you a lot of money over the long run. After all, various superheroes may in vogue for a year or two after the release of a major motion picture, but a boy’s interest in them fades fairly quickly as he is introduced to new and exciting heroes to emulate. By focusing your attention on the timeless classics, you can avoid having to purchase new bedding several times a year simply because your child’s interests have changed.

That is the most important thing of all when it comes to twin bedding for boys: nurturing interest. Historically relevant themes can set the tone for stoking your boy’s interest in history. They can even offer you a creative spark for those impromptu bedtime stories that we as parents seem to somehow always get pressured into telling.

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