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Bamboo Bedding

Do you crave rest and relaxation? Is your body resisting the alarm clock each and every morning? If so, the solution may be right underneath you. No, not your mattress, but your bedding.

What Is Bamboo?

More than likely you have heard of the bamboo plant. It is a plant that is indigenous to all parts of the world, except for Europe and Antarctica. It is used to create gorgeous pieces of furniture, exquisite hardwood flooring, and, yes, is the plant that cute, fuzzy panda bears munch on. But bamboo can also be manufactured into luxury bedding.

Why Choose Bamboo Bed Sheets?

Many consumers are reluctant to try bamboo bedding because it is a material that is not as well-known as cotton, silk, and polyester.  Its reputation hasn’t been fully established or realized. However, over the past couple of years, bamboo bed sheets have emerged as front runners in the bedding industry, challenging consumers’ tendencies to stick with the tried and true bed sheet fabrics.

Why are so many people willing to give bamboo blankets, sheets, and other bedding accessories a try? One of the greatest benefits of purchasing this type of bedding is its versatility. Bamboo is truly an all-weather, all-season material that insulates and cools the body depending on the season.  Not only are the ventilation properties of bamboo bedding inviting, but its natural antibacterial properties allow the fabric to breath, resisting toxins or germs.

Is Bamboo Bedding Expensive?

It depends on the type of bedding you purchase. There are a couple of different types of bamboo products. When most people purchase bamboo sheets, blankets, or other bedding materials they are purchasing products that are made from bamboo cellulose. This is a synthetic fiber that is technically considered rayon. Products that are manufactured using the cellulose and sold in the United States must be labeled as rayon or in some way indicate that they are not 100% natural bamboo.

If you want to spend less on bamboo bedding, you may want to stick with purchasing bedding that is labeled as rayon.  Bedding and blankets that are 100% natural bamboo will cost more than their synthetic cousins. However, the cost is relative because of the all-weather advantages, antibacterial properties, and the comfort that 100% bamboo offers the consumer.

Why Bamboo Is Considered Eco-Friendly

There are many reasons why eco-conscious consumers gravitate towards this natural material. One reason that bamboo is considered an eco-friendly product is that it is completely renewable. Bamboo can grow up to 20 times faster than trees, produces 33% more oxygen than trees, and is actually grown on plantations like other crops.

What does this mean for the Earth? It means that there isn’t mass deforestation. It means that the Earth’s population is not putting their oxygen levels at risk simply for luxurious bedding.  In addition, every time you purchase a bamboo product like a blanket or a pillow case, you are supporting someone else’s livelihood. You are sustaining an industry that helps workers in countries all around the world put food on their table. That is something that should help you sleep peacefully at night.

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