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Why Bamboo Shades?

Bamboo Shades have grown in popularity in recent years. It’s very fashionable to hang them inside as well as outside. Since bamboo shades are durable they last a long time even in cold conditions. Read on to learn everything you need to know.

Bamboo Shades are Green

Bamboo shadesare an extremely environmentally friendly choice for home decor. Bamboo is considered a grass and not a tree. It grows fast and is plentiful. Stalks are planted every three to five years and culling them actually helps them to grow better. Bamboo is a wonderful solution for shades and for furniture as well and by using more bamboo products we could easily save our planet’s trees.

Bamboo Shades are Lucky

Chinese culture considers it to be particularly lucky to place bamboo throughout the house. It is believed that by doing so one can experience good fortune in personal relationships and wealth. You’re sure to be very lucky the more Bamboo shades you hang around your house.

Bamboo Shades are Cheap

You can spend a fortune on synthetic shades or you can save your money and invest in bamboo shades. The best choice is clear. Bamboo shades are far superior to other types of shades and blinds. You can maximize your investment by using shades around the house in multiple rooms instead of purchasing curtains or synthetic blinds. We offer some of the lowest prices you will find online.

Bamboo Shades are Easy to Install

Indoor Bamboo Shades:

  1. Open hinged bracket doors and affix brackets to the sidewall or the top of the frame.
  2. Affix the valance clips to the front head rail.
  3. Slide head rail into brackets.
  4. If applicable, install tilt wand.
  5. Undo clear tilt control sleeve.
  6. In order to lower blind, pull cord down and towards middle area of blind.
  7. Insert the top edge first to snap the valance into the clips.

Outdoor Bamboo Shades:

  1. Hold the shades up to the window and mark where you intend to install.
  2. Mount the right and left brackets approximately 1/8 of inch wider than where you marked in order to ensure the shades will fit into the brackets.
  3. Place the shade head rail into its place.
  4. Make sure hinged bracket doors open and shut properly.
  5. Slide head rail into brackets.
  6. If applicable, install tilt wand.
  7. Undo clear tilt control sleeve.
  8. In order to lower blind, pull cord down and towards middle area of blind.
  9. Insert the top edge first to snap the valance into the clips.

Bamboo Shades are Easy to Clean

Bamboo shades are easy to care for and very forgiving if dropped or removed from where hung multiple times. They’re also pretty durable.

Basic care involves dusting the shades with a cloth or a feather duster on a regular basis. If there are minor messes or spots on the shades they can be easily cleaned on the affected area with a damp cloth. A vacuum cleaner brush speeds up dusting considerably.

Cleaning Instructions

A few times a year you’ll need to clean your bamboo shades more thoroughly. Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe down your bamboo shades before you wash them.  In order to do this just follow these easy instructions:

Needed Items:

  • Hot Water
  • Oil Soap
  • Sunlight or a Fan


  1. Fill your bathtub with hot water.
  2. Add oil soap to the water.
  3. Immerse your shades completely into the soapy water.
  4. Shuffle the shades around periodically.
  5. Soak the shades for several minutes.
  6. Drain water and repeat previous steps if shades are still dirty.
    Dry in sunlight or use a fan.
  7. Hang shades only when they are completely dry.

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