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Twin Bedding

Twin beds are an excellent choice for homes with children, as they take up far less room than a queen bed and thus provide more space in the bedrooms for the many treasures children accumulate over time. They are also the perfect beds for everything from a college dorm room to a family guest room. Selecting the right twin bedding, however, can sometimes be difficult – particularly for people who fail to enter the selection process with a clear plan of overall style and ambiance. Here are a few of the more important factors you should consider when making your selection.

Size first

Given that twin beds have two main sizes, the first thing you need to do prior to purchasing twin bedding is to determine which size bedding you need. The standard twin bed, of course, can utilize either the standard bedding or the extra-long. The smaller bedding, however, will not entirely cover the extra-long beds. For that reason, it is always a good idea to check the bed’s measurements so that you can be sure that the bedding you buy will in fact fit the bed you have at home.

Choosing a material for Twin Bedding

Another important consideration is the type of material you are seeking for your twin bedding. Bedding comes in a variety of fibers. You can get everything from cotton to the newest synthetic fabric blends, and each type has its own relative merits. Many people enjoy the luxurious feel of silk or satin sheets, while others prefer the breathable nature of pure cotton. Flannel bedding can be a tremendous boon when the temperatures outside dip during the winter – though you wouldn’t appreciate it nearly as much when those same temperatures rise in the summer months. Many people have seasonal bedding sets and use warmer materials for the winter and cooler for the summer. In the end, you’ll probably find that to be your best option as well.

Does Thread Count Matter?

There seems to be some disagreement on the importance of thread count as well. While it was once almost universally accepted that the higher thread count automatically denoted softer sheets and pillow cases, the fact is that many of the newer materials are now approaching the best natural fiber bedding in terms of overall softness. Take micro-fiber, for instance. A relatively new material, its surface feels as soft as sheets with thread counts at the high end of the middle range. To check how soft any twin bedding set really is, you can usually open the package – many have snap openings – and simply feel the material for yourself.

Twin Bedding Color and Patterns

Of course, buying twin bedding doesn’t necessarily require you to have any sense of style – but it sure won’t hurt! Bedding is expensive enough that nobody wants to buy new sheets and blankets every month simply because they failed to seriously consider how their purchase would look in the room. Twin bedding colors and patterns can destroy a room’s overall aesthetic appeal or greatly enhance it, so choose wisely.

What to buy

You also have the option of purchasing your twin bedding as a set – the so-called bed in a bag approach – or as individual components. The bundled option is actually preferred by many who have little confidence in their own sense of style, but the range of creativity that you can use in your twin bedding selection is much broader when you select each individual piece of the ensemble yourself. As long as the pieces you select complement one another, you cannot go wrong. It is, after all, your home and thus your style preferences are the ones that really matter!

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