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Twin Bedding For Girls

When your baby girl is finally old enough to graduate to a twin sized bed, there is certainly a lot of temptation to choose twin bedding for girls that is oriented around common themes: the princess and castle themes being among the most popular. With the full backing and licensing of one of the world’s largest entertainment companies, princesses have dominated the market for little girls’ products for several decades now. Of course, you know that you could walk into the bedroom of most of the girls around the country and find similarly outfitted beds. At first glance, it can often seem like the market has predetermined what your child’s room should look like!

Fortunately, the ultimate choice is up to you, and you can manage to avoid the trendy character oriented bedding sets that tend to dominate the thinking of most parents with girls. You simply have to use your imagination and a little creativity to create a wonderfully bright, whimsical theme for your daughter’s room that uses twin bedding for girls that is anything but the typical fare so prominently marketed and sold by companies with licensing ties to the company of the Mouse. Unlike those licensed products, an original ensemble can more easily be melded with other design elements of your child’s room.

Why you Should Avoid Trends in Girls Bedding

The main problem with trendy twin bedding for girls and other room décor is the fact that redecorating a bedroom is an expensive proposition. A child’s tastes change over time, and relying on those fads that are sure to pass is a certain path to spending money you could use on other pressing needs. Your daughter may outgrow her love of princesses and fairy tale castles, making the twin bedding for girls you bought today a source of annoyance tomorrow. Likewise, many of the other seemingly in-style preferences that your daughter has tend to fade with the passing of time.

Use Color

Rather than focusing on some cartoon character for girls, the success of your choice of twin bedding for girls can instead rely upon the innovative colors and patterns you select for her room. The key is to remain bright and fresh in your color selections. While pink is a tempting choice, never forget that small children appreciate a wide variety of colors and patterns, as long as they are bright. Purples, reds, bright yellows, and orange are all colors that can be incorporated into your child’s bedding set if done properly. And if you’re not exactly sure which colors she would prefer, be sure to ask her.

Keep it Lively

Your other concern in twin bedding for girls should be the liveliness of the patterns. While detailed floral designs can be aesthetically pleasing at any age, the fact is that your daughter will appreciate larger designs with the brightest colors you can find. Now, that does not necessarily mean that you are looking for something so bright that it is gaudy – your other color choices in the room will help to determine how effective the bedding actually is in enhancing the room’s décor – but it does mean that you want to stick with vibrant colors and distinct patterns.

Beyond those concerns, your choice of twin bedding for girls is wide open. Bold striped patterns are always in vogue, as are patterns that have no discernible meaning at all. The key is to focus on color first, pattern second, and overall design third. When you follow that simple formula, your choices become much easier to make as you develop a themed approach to your daughter’s room that will delight her for many years to come.

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