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Reasons to Consider Down Alternatives

Everybody who has ever slept under a down blanket or comforter and on a soft and smooth down pillow will let you how luxuriant and comfortable it is … how completely enjoyable … and how they would not trade the bedding for anything else – ever!

There are reasons for that high praise. Down is a natural product, the “feathers” of ducks and geese and it is nature’s Number One insulator. That means that a down blanket or comforter will keep you toasty warm and comfortable even on the coldest winter night … and delightfully cool and comfortable on the hottest and most humid summer evening.

Down bedding products also “breathe,” a fact that allows them to remain cool against your skin and keep you remarkably dry, relaxed and happy. Add to all of that the fact that down blankets, comforters and pillows are also very lightweight and available in sizes that fit all beds … and in colors that blend with all room decors and it is easy to understand their incredible popularity.

There is one strike against down. It is expensive. Remember: it is “feathers” taken from ducks and geese and that makes it a finite product, so there is only so much of it “harvested” at any given time. As such, it tends to be costly … definitely a little “pricey.”

Fortunately, there is a way to get all of the benefits of down with just a fraction of the cost. That will occur when you opt to buy Down Alternative Blankets, Comforters and Pillows. Why are these products viable replacements for down bedding?
To begin, Down Alternative Bedding is constructed of 100% polyester, a synthetic fiber that is always available in unlimited supply. That fact, alone, makes it less expensive. Next, alternative bedding products are every bit as lightweight, airy, soft, smooth and comfortable as real down.

And, like down, this synthetic fiber also “breathes.” It really offers you the chance to enjoy the comfort and the luxury without the high cost. Here’s still another valuable benefit. Down alternative bedding also carries the name of world-class designers on its packaging.

Designers like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and others actually apply their creative genius to bedding products in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns that will mesh nicely with most room decors. You can enjoy all the benefits of a top name designer when you pull your blanket up to your chin, but none of the sometimes prohibitively high costs.

Consider getting alternative bedding today – for yourself … for your spouse … and, of course, for your children. You’ll all sleep better and more soundly … and you’ll look good doing it. And remember: alternative bedding is created by world-class designers … it’s available in a broad range of sizes, colors and patterns … it’s lightweight, airy and oh so comfortable and, perhaps best of all, it is budget-friendly.

Stop at your favorite store today … look at the designer colors … the bright, crisp and “cool” colors … and the affordable price tag … and get ready to buy. It will mean a good night’s sleep for you and your family – every night.

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