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If you’ve ever enjoyed the experience of sleeping beneath a down-filled blanket, you know how comfortable and luxurious it feels. It actually enhances your overnight experience and makes the act of sleeping special. It may sound funny, but it’s very much true.

Natural down, which comes from ducks and geese, is known as nature’s best insulator. It’s not pure feathers (as most people believe), but the fluffy insulation that comes from beneath the feathers, the natural materials (which are actually down filaments taken from three dimensional clusters) that keeps the animals warm in cold weather.

If there is a problem with natural down it is that the retail cost can be very expensive. That’s why some of America’s best-known bedding manufacturers have created down alternative blankets. They cost less than real down – usually much less – and, believe it or not, down alternative blankets provide users with the same comfort and luxury as of down-filled blankets.

Down alternative blankets like bamboo blankets are an alternative to an animal product. In fact, other than bamboo virtually all down alternatives are made from man-made microfibers, usually 100% polyester. As is true for natural Down-filled Blankets, down alternative blankets are very soft … are able to “breathe” … are remarkably lightweight … and will keep you “warm and toasty” in winter … “cool as a cucumber” during hot summer nights. It would be almost unfair to ask for any more from a single product, but the truth is, you can get more when you decide to purchase a non-down blanket. Walk into any local retail outlet, major department store or private bedding store and you will see a wide array of down alternative blankets available in lots of stylish colors and in sizes that fit every bed – twin … full … queen … and king.

Interestingly, world-class designers like Calvin Klein produce – and offer for sale – magnificent Down Alternative Blankets that are certain to enhance your bedroom décor. And, for an extra benefit, most down alternative blankets are hypoallergenic. That means they will have no negative effect on allergy-sensitive sleepers.

If you’re thinking of buying new bedding, consider down alternatives like bamboo. They have all of the features one can actually think of real down blankets, but cost much less. Moreover, they’re available in magnificent styles and in today’s very hottest colors. Want more comfort? Add down alternative comforters and pillows, too.

When you purchase an entire set of down alternatives, you be able to create a bedroom environment (your haven) that will look as inviting as it will feel. And, because these polyester-made bedding products are much less costly than real down bedding, you may want to purchase bedding sets for other members of your family – the kids.

After all, it’s only fair that everybody in your household gets to know the meaning of true comfort and luxury. Visit your favorite department store today. Bring home these truly comfortable and luxurious blankets for everybody. You’ll make every family member happy … probably very happy.

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