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Daybed Bedding Guide

Daybed bedding made from bamboo is a great alternative. Daybeds are, for a tremendous number of families, important pieces of furniture. This is especially true for homes that often have guests staying overnight. In some homes, daybeds are routinely used for a daytime nap – making them truly worthy of their name. In general, however, these beds are the perfect dual-use furniture for many spare bedrooms, living rooms, and sun rooms. Selecting your daybed bedding is therefore an important part of your home decoration efforts.

Decide Where the Daybed Will Be

Before deciding upon a choice of daybed bedding, you first have to know in which room your daybed will be located. There is usually a big difference in décor between a study, a bedroom, and a sun room. Your bedding should be chosen so that it matches the décor of the room. This helps to avoid the impression that you are hastily creating an impromptu sleeping area for a guest. When the bedding matches or complements the drapes and other décor, your guest is provided with a more homespun atmosphere and a greater sense of belonging.

Set up time

The ideal daybed can be converted in as little as five or six minutes. The daybed bedding will most likely need to be stored when not in use, which means that you will probably want to find bedding that is light enough to be folded away in a compact manner. The lighter bedding will enable your overall set up time to be much less than it would be if you had to handle heavy, cumbersome quilts and blankets. If you are concerned that the bedding might not provide enough warmth for your guest, be sure to have additional blankets – tastefully selected in advance, of course – that you can offer as well.

What You Need

As with most bedding ensembles, a good daybed bedding set will include sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and a comforter. You can either select these elements individually or purchase a pre-packaged set. The latter option is a great way to ensure that everything you buy matches, but you can often find better deals when searching for individual components of a daybed set. In addition to pillow cases, you should have several pillows you use for guests, and these should be stored for easy retrieval as well. The idea is to make your guest feel as though you have been anticipating his or her stay.

Selecting the Bedding

Sometimes when you are in the store, a set of daybed bedding can look so attractive that you are just positive that it is perfect for your daybed at home. The problem arises when you actually get it home only to discover that, instead of complementing the room’s décor, it clashes with it. This always engenders another trip to the store, a return of the purchased item, and another round of trial and error with a new set. There is an easy way around these mistakes, and it can be as easy as using a camera and tape measure.

First of all, measure the dimensions of your daybed. Most of them are roughly the same size, but it is always nice to have exact dimensions to facilitate your selection and ensure that you get daybed bedding that actually fits the daybed. After you are done with that, take a number of photographs of the room in which the daybed is stored. Include photos of the walls, flooring, and other furniture. You can use these photos at the store to ensure that the bedding you purchase will match the rest of your décor.

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