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Daybed Bedding Ensembles

Daybeds are a popular choice for homeowners seeking extra bed capacity for their occasional guests, or a downstairs place to take a nap on those lazy weekend afternoons. Daybed bedding ensembles are an important way to make those guests feel comfortable, and to make the daybed itself more enjoyable to use. There are many different types of bedding ensembles from which to choose, and each offers its own opportunity for creating just the right ambiance within your daybed area. Here is a brief guide to some of the more important issues you will face when getting a daybed ensemble.

Comforters are King

Most daybed bedding ensembles have as their primary piece a comforter. Like the comforter on your other beds, the daybed comforter is sized to fit the daybed, and includes a skirt for the bed as well. With matching sheets and pillow cases, a daybed comforter set can be a complete option for most homes. All you then need to do is match the curtains or drapes and you have a perfectly coordinated sleeping area. A few pillows round out the entire theme. In fact, many people have two sets of pillows for their daybeds – normal pillows for the nighttime sleeping and throw pillows that are used to decorate the daybed during the day.

Choosing Sheets

Though some daybed bedding ensembles don’t go so far as to include sheets in the set, it is undeniable that you should make a point of getting sheets that complement the ensemble. Most people are not comfortable just sleeping with blankets and comforters. When it comes to sheets and pillowcases, you can choose from a variety of thread counts, depending upon the amount of use the daybed will see and how much money you want to spend. If you are purchasing the bedding for guests to use, you may want to invest a little more to ensure that their sleeping experience at your home is a pleasant one.


The materials you choose for your daybed bedding ensembles can also vary in both type and quality. You can get something as simple as cotton and something as expensive as pure silk or satin. Of course, for a daybed that is seldom used, there is really no sense to push the budget envelope to the extreme and spend an inordinate amount of money on bedding – but there is no reason to skimp and use some cheap scratchy fabric either.

Covering the Dybed

During those times when the daybed is used for seating, it’s a good idea to use a daybed cover. This enables you to preserve the daybed’s quality while also keeping it fresh and clean for use at night. You can also use a cover to save your daybed bedding ensembles for the nighttime. These covers come in many different patterns and fabrics, and can range in price from under $100 to several hundreds of dollars. No daybed should really be without one!

Finding the Right Daybed Bedding Ensemble

Locating daybed bedding ensembles is really not much more difficult than finding the right comforter set for your bedroom. You may, however, have to shop in places with which you are not quite so familiar. One of the best places to find these ensembles is online, where many websites offer full ensembles for your daybed at prices that are often markedly lower than their brick and mortar competitions. Know what you want, ad take the time to look for just the right ensemble at just the right price, and you’re sure to have a daybed bedding set that will enhance the décor of any room.

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