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Bamboo Shade Liners

Bamboo has many other great uses around the home besides blankets. Bamboo shades for example are an attractive, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly type of window treatment. Bamboo shades are natural, sustainable and durable. The shades work for both casual and elaborate decorating schemes and only lack in the amount of privacy afforded by their design.

It’s not hard to attach a liner to bamboo shades. The shade liners provide additional privacy for individuals living in highly populated areas while still allowing the choice of utilizing bamboo shades.   You can find easy instructions below for adding a liner to your bamboo shades.

Attaching Your Bamboo Shade Liner


Needed Items

  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Fishing line
  • Clips
  • Iron
  • Hemming Tape (iron-on variety)

Prior to Beginning

Before starting your project consider why you are choosing to add a fabric liner to your bamboo shades. Your reasoning will affect the type and color of fabric you use.

  • Choose a light colored fabric to allow for privacy without restricting sunlight completely.
  • Choose a dark colored fabric if you want to provide additional insulation to a room that may need warming up in cooler weather.
  • Spread out the fabric on a flat surface like a table.
  • Place the bamboo shade atop the fabric.
  • Use sewing chalk to mark the fabric about 1/4 of an inch from the edges of the shade. If you wish to create a total blackout effect, you’ll have to mark the fabric a full inch over the edge of the bamboo shade.
  • Set the bamboo shade aside.
  • Cut the fabric along the chalk line.
  • Use hemming tape and place the tape about 1/2 inches from the edges of the reverse side of the fabric.
  • Use an iron to secure the tape.
  • Press a hem (about 1/2 inch) over the hemming tape.
  • Place the bamboo shade upside down on the table.
  • Place the fabric on top of the bamboo shade. (The hem side of the fabric should be contacting the bamboo shade.)
  • Thread the needle with fishing line and secure a knot at the end.
  • Tack the liner to the bamboo shade.
  • Hold the bamboo shade about an inch above the table.
  • Start at the bottom and inset the needle all the way through the fabric and bamboo shade.
  • Sew the shade and the fabric around the shade about six times.
  • Make sure to tack the liner about every six inches on the bamboo side of the shade.
  • Hang up the bamboo shade.
  • Tuck in the fabric at the bottom and top of the shade.

Attaching Removable Bamboo Shade Liners

It is possible to attach removable bamboo shade liners as well. This is especially handy if you only want to utilize bamboo shade liners during a certain season and it’s less time consuming if you choose to use fabric that’s already hemmed instead of having to sew it. A sheet measuring the same length as your liner is an excellent choice.


Needed Items:

  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Snaps (look in the sewing section)
  • Sheet
  1. Use the glue gun to attach one part of the snaps to corresponding parts of your bamboo shade and your sheet in order to snap them together.  (for ideal attachment space about 2-3 inches apart)
  2. Allow them to set and attach.
  3. Hang up your bamboo shades.

There are reports of an extremely thrifty lady using scissors, a sheet, and elegantly designed silver brads, to attach a fabric liner to a bamboo shade. Instructions for this endeavor don’t seem to be readily available but it can be easily surmised that they would be quite similar to the instructions above with the exception of using glue sticks.

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